Motivation Bites by Steve Gilliland—A Dynamic Video Series Fueling Workplace Engagement, Improving Retention, and Cultivating a Positive Culture

The renowned inspirational speaker is transforming corporate culture one Motivation Bite at a time.

Mocksville, North Carolina, 14th September 2023, ZEX PR WIRE, Steve Gilliland, a celebrated business motivational speaker and Hall of Fame inductee, continues to impact organizations with his well-established video series Motivation Bites. Developed for the modern, dynamic workplace, the series channels Gilliland’s wealth of knowledge, which has secured him a spot among the best motivational speakers globally. The series serves as a long-standing initiative to enhance workplace engagement, foster employee retention, and nurture a positive corporate culture—principles that have long defined Gilliland’s illustrious career.

What sets Gilliland apart is not just his standing among top motivational speakers, but also his entrepreneurial journey of building a multimillion-dollar company from scratch. His videos reflect this multidimensional expertise, with each episode offering a compact, four-to-five-minute boost of motivational wisdom. The series is delivered via Dropbox for easy access, providing a seamless experience of remote learning and pace consideration for organizations.

“Motivation Bites aren’t merely a fleeting moment of inspiration; they’re a strategic tool designed for organizations to invest in their human capital. Gilliland’s blend of humor and impactful storytelling strikes a nuanced balance between entertainment and actionable insights, making him an essential voice for the series,” says a spokesperson for Steve Gilliland.

The Motivation Bites series is backed by state-of-the-art technology and exceptional production values, making it an effective tool for employee retention. Studies have shown that people retain approximately 80% of what they watch, compared to just 20% of what they read. Each video aims to capitalize on this, featuring compelling stories and eye-catching special effects to maximize viewer engagement.

Recognizing the need for flexible learning solutions, the videos can be accessed across various devices and internet speeds. Employees can engage with the content at their convenience, enhancing the efficiency of organizational learning. Moreover, the videos cover various topics, from nurturing talent and boosting creativity to inspiring goal setting, providing a holistic approach to employee development.

“This isn’t just about inspiration; it’s about transformation. The Motivation Bites series amplifies the concept of a positive organizational culture, aiming to create a ripple effect that begins from within each individual,” the spokesperson added.

Long-lasting in its influence, the Motivation Bites series solidifies Steve Gilliland’s role as a transformative leader in motivational and inspirational speaking, thereby contributing to his legacy as a business visionary who values continuous improvement and professional growth.

About Steve Gilliland

Steve Gilliland is an internationally recognized inspirational speaker and author. With over two decades of experience, his authentic and engaging delivery has inspired audiences worldwide. Steve has been inducted into the Speaker Hall of Fame and is trusted by top organizations and brands to deliver keynote speeches that make a difference.

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