LSD Listing on, Decrypting the Dark Horse Derivative L7DEX

Dubai, UAE — According to the official announcement from, the decentralized perpetual contract trading platform L7DEX’s native token, LSD, became available for spot trading on on October 17, 2023, at 19:00 (UTC+8). Notably, the token is listed as “LSD7” on due to certain platform mechanics. This marks another prominent Centralized Exchange (CEX) entry for LSD, following the footsteps of popular platforms like MEXC and HT

Prior to this listing, initiated a six-day Web3 Startup token subscription plan for LSD (LSD7) from October 12, 16:00 (UTC+8) to October 17, 16:00 (UTC+8). Leading exchanges have been consistently adding LSD to their portfolios and conducting joint initiatives, positioning L7DEX as a standout among the DeFi derivatives.

Project Overview

L7DEX is a decentralized perpetual contract trading platform built on Web3 technology. It enhances the trading experience and reduces transaction costs by employing an innovative “peer-to-peer” PvP-AMM protocol and unique trading auxiliary tools, thereby fostering a more efficient and fair trading environment. Additionally, the protocol’s value is shared with users through smart contracts, reducing trader reserve rates while increasing the value for liquidity providers.

L7 DEX Project Basics:

(1) Token English Name: L7 DEX

(2) Token Chinese Name: N/A

(3) Token Symbol: LSD (LSD7 on

(4) Total Supply: 210,000,000

(5) Token Type: BEP20

(6) Contract Address: 0xcD1B51b87a8a7137D6421bA5A976225187a26777

(7) Token Distribution and Unlocking Rules:

Liquidity Mining: 80%, released according to project development, TGE no unlock, based on block rewards, halved every six months

Team: 10%, TGE locked for 2 years, then released over 3 years

Airdrop: 5%, TGE unlocks 1%, the rest released over 3 years

Operations: 5%, TGE unlocks 1%, the rest released over 3 years

LSD plays a pivotal role in the development of L7DEX. On one hand, it serves as the link between users and the platform, facilitating communication. The effective design of the LSD economic model allows many users to participate in the early investment and platform development of L7DEX. On the other hand, LSD connects L7DEX to other outstanding projects in the wider ecosystem. By forming joint mining pools and initiating IEOs for promising projects, L7DEX bridges the primary and secondary markets, fostering the tokenization of LSD and contributing to the development of Web3.

With successful listings on various top-tier exchanges, the liquidity and trading value of LSD will see further growth. Beyond platform assets, the perpetual contract DEX will officially launch in the fourth quarter of this year, forming a comprehensive project roadmap alongside the community and other assets. The following sections will delve into why L7DEX has the potential to make waves in the market, with a focus on the LSD token from an economic model perspective.

I. A Robust Economic Model Empowering Community Development

DeFi has witnessed remarkable innovation in its few years of existence, with economic models being a central focus. While technological advancements laid the foundation for DeFi’s growth, innovative economic models amplify this foundation, making them market-ready and user-friendly.

As a decentralized perpetual contract trading platform, L7DEX adopts a blend of old and new in its economic model design. On one hand, the design of L7DEX’s economic model draws inspiration from mature and validated models already in the market. This approach ensures relatively stable project development without the significant trial and error costs associated with entirely new models.

On the other hand, it’s evident from the project’s fundamentals that 80% of LSD tokens will be generated through mining. This sets it apart from typical economic models. The significant advantage of this mining approach lies in its ability to control token production and circulation effectively. It avoids market-centric control in the later stages, which could jeopardize the interests of various stakeholders. Additionally, mining output provides more users with fair opportunities to participate. Previously, users often found it challenging to get involved in the early stages of DeFi projects due to high entry barriers. This mining approach addresses this issue and ensures that community members are actively engaged in the project’s growth from the beginning, reaping dividends.

This dual approach strikes a balance between stability and community development, but it also demands a thorough mathematical and logical design, considering the current market landscape. As of now, L7DEX continues to gain momentum in both projects and user attention, demonstrating the effective operation of its economic model.

II. Efficient Synergy Economics for Ecosystem Prosperity

The native economic model ensures the project’s steady growth, while the multifaceted utility of LSD further promotes ecosystem prosperity. In L7DEX’s ecosystem development, LSD acts as a core asset, playing a vital role in liquidity and IEO development. This is a critical step in the platform’s tokenization.

Liquidity is fundamental, and L7DEX’s expansion strategy starts with creating multimillion-dollar liquidity, driving the value proposition for the project and collaborating with more high-quality projects. The platform opens various joint mining pools based on LSD, offering community users additional revenue streams and choice. Simultaneously, it provides valuable users and funds to affiliated projects.

Beyond liquidity, LSD serves as an investment asset, actively supporting promising new Web3 projects through the IEO model. This brings development impetus to resource-hungry projects and, in turn, nurtures Web3 development. Ultimately, by investing in a vast number of quality projects, L7DEX aims to break down the barriers between primary and secondary markets, enabling efficient circulation of users and capital, thereby boosting the development of the blockchain industry.


As an innovative decentralized perpetual contract trading platform, L7DEX leverages the current market landscape and its specific development needs, creating a well-suited economic model and a comprehensive project roadmap. This approach provides a new perspective on the development of DeFi derivatives.

The consecutive listings of LSD on major CEX platforms like MEXC, HTX, and indicate a market demand for innovative projects that generate genuine value and demand. Looking ahead, we can anticipate more projects like L7DEX, originating from real-world scenarios, actively engaging with users, and contributing to the Web3 ecosystem.





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