Elane Fees Publishes What’s a Yiayia? – A Heartwarming Tale of a Grandmother’s Love and a Kindergarten Adventures

Author Elane Fees is proud to launch a heartwarming book,‘’ What’s a Yiayia?’’ for her readers across the globe. It’s an engaging story with beautiful illustrations that promise to delight kids and grownups alike. 

The story explores the loving relationship between a grandmother and her granddaughter on an important day. The narrative is set against the backdrop of a child’s first day at school. It tells the tale of Little Eva, a five-year-old full of excitement and questions about kindergarten. Her grandmother is there to support and guide her through this new journey. 

Throughout the book, readers follow Eva as she prepares for school. From picking out her clothes to learning and playing in her new classroom, the book has a keen attention to detail. The story portrays the meaningful moments of a child’s life while highlighting the significant role of grandparents.

The book’s illustrations add a vibrant layer to the story. They depict every scene from Eva’s home, her classroom, and the moments on the playground. These illustrations are not mere pictures but windows into a child’s innocent and energetic life.

What’s a Yiayia? is an opportunity for parents and teachers. It helps to teach values and cultural differences to young readers. The book also introduces children to the idea of diversity in family structures and cultural backgrounds. Every lesson is a story scene, making it easy to learn for youngsters of all ages.

As the book ends, readers are left with a feeling of joy and excitement. Their state mirrors Eva’s eagerness for more days at kindergarten filled with new experiences. This book doesn’t only entertain but educates and inspires a love for reading and learning in young minds.

About the Author:

Elane Fees is an American author with roots in Lithuania and Greece. She brings her rich cultural background to her latest children’s book, What’s a Yiayia? With a successful career in business and software sales, Elane now channels her creativity into writing stories. Her work is special because it appeals to both children and adults. Her stories carry themes of family, cultural diversity, and the connections across generations. Living in Colorado, Fees continues to write, inspiring young readers to appreciate their family bonds.

Explore the heartwarming story of What’s a Yiayia? It’s the perfect read for young minds curious about family and school adventures. For inquiries and more information about the book, What’s a Yiayia? Please contact:

Author’s Name: Elane Fees

Author’s webiste: www.elanefees.com

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