Beyond the Hype: Why Sonorus is More Than Just Another Music Platform

Discover how 200,000 users worldwide are revolutionizing music promotion and sharing in the decentralized landscape.

Sonorus’ Innovative Approach to Redefine Music in the Digital Age

Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 22nd September 2023, ZEX PR WIRE, Sonorus stands as more than just a Music Platform; it represents a revolution in the music world. Instead of big corporations dictating the charts, Sonorus shifts the power to the listeners, allowing them to directly influence music rankings. Through nominating tracks and minting Music NFTs, users have a tangible impact. As these tracks ascend the charts, rewards for the fanbase amplify. With Sonorus, listeners don’t just passively consume; they actively shape the future of music.

Additionally, Sonorus offers a Music Launchpad where artists can nominate their songs for inclusion in the platform’s catalog. To make it into the catalog, artists need to hit a certain community support milestone, ensuring a collaborative approach to music promotion. Artists who successfully make it into the catalog start earning their revenue share for their music.

The Sonorus Heat Score Mechanics Ensures a Dynamic and Decentralized Music Chart
While platforms like Spotify use algorithms that often favor mainstream artists, Sonorus prioritizes genuine popularity and user engagement. Here, every artist, big or small, has an equal chance to shine. Unlike traditional platforms, Sonorus empowers its community to influence music rankings, ensuring charts truly reflect listeners’ preferences rather than industry biases. This fanbase-driven approach sets Sonorus apart, making it more than just a listening platform—it’s a movement for fair music sharing & promotion.

Sonorus offers a unique way of ranking songs that’s different from mainstream music platforms. Here’s why it’s special and why many believe it’s a revolutionizing approach:

Unlike some platforms where big artists get more visibility due to deals, Sonorus gives every artist a fair chance. In the Sonorus app, a song’s popularity is measured through a “heat score”, determined by:

  • Total Active Copies: If you have an active digital copy of a song, it increases the song’s heat score. Think of it like a ‘vote’ for the song every time someone has it.
  • Recent Collection: When the collected number of copies of a song is more than 10, it will give the song more points and, will be considered trending.
  • Boost Score: Users can further promote songs they love by using tokens they’ve earned, sort of like giving a song extra points.

This decentralized system relies on actual user engagement and preferences. It’s not just about how much a song is played, but also how much users are investing in it and supporting it. This makes it more genuine and fair.

The Limitations of Mainstream Platforms

Traditional music platforms, while popular, come with inherent limitations. Centralized systems often lead to unfair revenue distribution, leaving artists with a mere fraction of their deserved earnings. Additionally, these platforms are riddled with middlemen, from record labels to streaming services and sponsors, each taking a cut before the artist sees any profit. This not only affects the artists but also inflates costs for consumers.

From the user’s perspective, mainstream platforms offer a passive listening experience. Users consume content but have no real stake or say in the music they love. They’re not rewarded for their loyalty or for discovering and promoting new tracks. This differentiates sharply from Sonorus, where listeners actively participate and are incentivized for their contributions. The result? Sonorus delivers a better and more honest way for artists and fans to thrive side by side.

The Stellar Team Behind Sonorus

Sonorus’s strength is amplified by its exceptional team. Several members come from the TikTok team, offering insights and expertise in content-sharing platforms. Another pivotal member co-founded a recording studio and incubated dozens of artists in the APAC region, co-organizing large-scale events and festivals. While another co-built one of the largest short video apps in Latin America. With their high expertise, Sonorus is set to revolutionize the music industry.

Shaping the Future of Decentralized Music Sharing

Sonorus has seen tremendous traction, globally amassing over 160,000 new users in just the past 6 months, a testament to their inventive approach.

Sonorus is at the forefront of shaping decentralized innovation within the music industry, catalyzing a transition towards a fair music-sharing system where every voice matters and music consensus is collectively created.

For all listeners and artists: Be heard, be rewarded, and discover the future of music at — Engage, nominate and elevate your favorite tracks today. Sonorus music-driven community on Twitter, Discord, Telegram.

Disclaimer: The views, suggestions, and opinions expressed here are the sole responsibility of the experts. No Market Encore journalist was involved in the writing and production of this article.

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