Beyond Intranet Cultivating Healthcare Data Management Excellence with SharePoint & Power Automate Solutions

Learn how SharePoint and Power Automate Solutions can help in cultivating healthcare data management.

United States, 8th Nov 2023 – Beyond Intranet, A Microsoft Solution Partner Company is set to redefine healthcare data management with its cutting-edge SharePoint and Power Automate solutions. By introducing unparalleled Microsoft 365 solutions, Beyond Intranet is empowering healthcare organizations in managing healthcare data by streamlining patient charge processes, and document management. Beyond Intranet’s solutions eliminates the need for tedious manual work. This innovative workflow management solution is being recognized as the future healthcare industry, bridging the gap between patients and healthcare providers.

A Close Look Inside Beyond Intranet’s SharePoint and Power Automate Solution for the Healthcare Industry

Beyond Intranet recognizes that effectively managing patient data is just as crucial as delivering high-quality patient care. Efficient data management is vital for patients to have a clear understanding of the charges incurred, and it is equally important for organizations to utilize this data for future research purposes. Beyond Intranet’s HIPPA-Compliant ‘Patient Management System’ powered by Power Automate and SharePoint Solutions will be your go-to tool if you own a hospital or clinic or if you are a healthcare provider.

The solution can help manage Incorrect or missing patient data across many departments.

It helps in reviewing, verifying, and updating patient charge data daily.

It effectively manages communication of flagged issues and reviewer input.

Helps in workflow Automation like admissions, appointment scheduling, and claims processing.

Assists in regulatory documentation and compliance.

Maintains the Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management system.

Prevents Data breaches.

HIPAA Compliance and Data Security, etc.

Benefits of Integrating Data-driven Solutions into your healthcare organization:

1. Optimized Patient Management System workflow transiting all the departments.

2. Elevated accuracy in recording patient charges.

3. Easy identification and flagging of any false or incorrect charges.

4. Maintained communication between patients and management.

5. Empower hospital executives with valuable insights via customized dashboards and prompt email notifications.

Message From CEO

“We are thrilled to introduce our powerful combination of SharePoint and Power Automate solutions customized for the healthcare industry. Our goal is to empower healthcare providers like hospitals, clinics, dispensaries, and private healthcare providers with the tools they need to manage patient data efficiently and effectively. With Beyond Intranet’s Patient Management System, healthcare organizations can focus on providing exceptional patient care. Our solution will back them by automating their mundane task and free them from all the paperwork.”

About Beyond Intranet:

Beyond Intranet is a 17-year-old Microsoft Solutions Partner who’s rewriting the digital playbook. Innovation and clients are at the heart of everything they do. Digital transformation? It’s their middle name. Here are a few highlights of how Beyond Intranet is winning the hearts of healthcare organizations across the world with its powerful Patient Management System Solutions:

Customized SharePoint for Healthcare: Beyond Intranet’s SharePoint is like a tailored suit for healthcare. Seamless, future-ready, and a perfect fit for the domain.

Power Automate Magic: Let automation do heavy lifting. With Beyond Intranet’s Power Automate solution, manual tasks become history, and data flows seamlessly into the future.

Seamless Document Management System: Patient documents are crucial to maintain and Beyond Intranet’s solutions promise to save it all for you.

Top-Notch Security: Your patient data deserves the best. Beyond Intranet ensures HIPPA compliance and rock-solid security.

Grow Without Limits: No matter how big you dream, Beyond Intranet Microsoft 365 solutions grow with you. They are future-proof, scalable, and convenient.

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